0ee67eeJohn Scott

VP of Strategic Development

As Vice President of Strategic Development, John Scott is responsible for driving corporate strategy, product development initiatives and supporting strategic sales activities.

Scott brings broad management and operational experience to Windward having held various senior management positions with diverse technology companies over the past twenty years.  Most recently, Mr. Scott served as Vice President, Emerging Technologies at CRGT, a Federal IT Services company.  Prior to CRGT, Mr. Scott served as Program Executive for BMC Software, where he was responsible for the Service Automation and Atrium Product Portfolios following the acquisition of RealOps, a product pioneer in IT Process Automation.  Mr. Scott served as Vice President of Product Development for RealOps from its inception as a venture backed start-up company.

Previously, Mr. Scott held executive positions with leading Enterprise Hosting providers Digex (now part of Verizon Business Services) and NTT America (NTT/Verio). Mr. Scott was also Co-founder and Vice President for the MSP, SevenSpace (acquired by Sun Microsystems), and began his career at Accenture.

Mr. Scott graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, and a double degree in Finance and Internal Business.