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Making IT a Center of Excellence for the Greater Good of Your Business

Published Sep. 28, 2016
Written by Michele Darwin

Computer key - IT Governance

It’s not easy to talk about IT Service Management and strategy in the same sentence and not see people’s eyes glaze over. Although I can’t say for sure what any one person may be thinking at that moment, I can guess that it’s something like, “Strategy? We’re doing a data center consolidation and moving some things around. Who needs strategy meetings for that?”

We all know that organizations are full of silos. Many employees show up for work every day and get their job done, but never think about how their efforts impact other areas of the business. Take those groups and use the words “strategy” and “standardized process” and an all-out panic may take place. Face it, the more control a person has in their area, the more secure they feel in their position and the less willing they are to talk about involving other groups in their decisions. This creates a sense of job security, albeit a false one. It’s human nature. Leadership breaks these molds.

To use the datacenter as an example, if a consolidation is about to take place, thoughts are all about moving equipment and decommissioning or standing up servers. Many times people don’t think that in order to make sure that move is successful they need standardized processes in place and repeatable delivery models, with a correspondinggovernance plan.

Strategy is really about IT leadership – striving to make IT a center of excellence and changing the culture in their business. Service delivery and service management are in essence the keys to making the connection between IT and the business. Stopping to think about the role that IT governance, service catalogs and standard, repeatable processes that will make their IT departments centers of excellence. Let’s get away from the “go your own way” mentality and think about the greater good of the business.