Analytics and Reporting

Allowing for Continuous Policy, Process and Data Integrity

In today’s world of Big Data, properly leveraging analytics can be the deciding factor as to whether an organization accomplishes its short- and long-term goals. More data is available to organizations today than at any other time in history. Windward helps its clients put that data to work – enabling data-driven decision making across the entire enterprise, including key business units such as HR, finance, IT operations, marketing, sales, and product management.

Windward provides its clients with strategic and tactical analytic support through the following services:

  • Business Intelligence Reporting – Windward can produce ad hoc reports, and set up automated reporting solutions to provide our clients with the ongoing visibility they need into key business performance metrics. Windward’s reporting solutions help our clients to keep a ‘finger to the pulse’ of their operations.
  • Data Analytics Execution – Windward can perform ad hoc analyses – ranging from descriptive statistics production to advanced data mining and predictive analytics – to evaluate and address the critical business questions faced by our clients.
  • Analytics Strategy Consulting – Windward’s analytics subject matter experts (SMEs) work with our clients to formulate and implement a data management and analytics strategies to maximize the value they get from their data assets. Windward has helped clients with varying levels of analytical sophistication improve their analytics capabilities and practices, as well as the data management practices that support those capabilities.