Our Story

We’re playing a different game.

Charting our own destiny. However you choose to describe the metaphor, the point is that we are not trying to be another 800-pound gorilla in the technology consulting space. We’re Windward, and we’re happy to meet you.
Windward Connectivity

Because true forward-facing organizations need more.

They need systems that move as they do. Technology that anticipates the complexities of their business. Integrations that enhance competence, rather than introducing confusion or clunkiness. Partners that can actually move at the speed of change.

In short, they need flow.

Because ultimately, what matters is a workspace that simply works. Integrations that align effortlessly. Data that delivers in real-time. These outcomes are our purpose. We’re Windward, and we deliver real-world IT solutions that help our clients find flow. How do we do it?

By blending strategy and implementation expertise in the best ways.

By leveraging AIOps technologies as fast as they emerge.

By believing in the mission and magnitude of the organizations we serve.

The real truth is, IT Operations is the belly of the beast.

It’s the space where we started. And it’s a center that we know exceptionally well. In fact, after more than two decades and 3,500-plus engagements, we’ve calibrated our capabilities to serve partners ranging from vastly influential telecommunications companies to powerful emerging innovators to key divisions in the government sector.

3500+ Projects

We've done more implementations than pretty much anybody.

CSAT 9.6

Customer Satisfaction score out of 10

NPS 76

Ranked in the top 5% of all companies in Customer Satisfaction

Windward Plane

We do this work not just as technologists, but as strategists with purpose.

And we’ve lived by this dedication to real impact from the very beginning. In fact, we founded the Windward Foundation because we are wholeheartedly committed to philanthropic capitalism.

Yes, leading with purpose is a harder road—but it is also a far more satisfying outcome.

Over each passing year, we’ve focused our passion and planning on the intersection of artificial intelligence and operations. And we’ll keep tailoring our efforts toward the most powerful platforms of today—and of tomorrow.

Our purpose goes far beyond our product.
We call it philanthropic capitalism.

Our Mission

To build a globally recognized IT Operations firm that uses AI and comprehensive operational ecosystems to empower corporations and governments to keep up with an ever-accelerating digital world.

Since our inception, Windward has supported over 500 clients around the globe with more than 3,500 projects.

Others tout the best pedigree or utmost accolades. We simply focus on the right people for the job. We call this exacting, no-drama attitude “calmbitious.”

We’re committed to solving the higher-order problems that lie beyond technology, and dedicate resources to them, because we’re problem-solvers at heart.

For more than a decade, Windward has worked to create a culture where employees can thrive, innovate, and build a rewarding career.