Our Values

We have ten core employee values.

These form the foundation for how we interact with one another, and how we project our culture outward.
Windward Water

We are driven.

We work every day to be better. We set targets and objectives that will make progress throughout our life and career more defined and measurable. We work harder to ensure deadlines are met and commitments are achieved.

We are visionary.

We have a deep commitment for what we do, our mission, what we stand for, and what we value. We appreciate the work we do, the standards we keep, and the people we impact. We believe in the positive impact that our services has on our customers.

We are accountable.

We own our actions and results. No excuses, stories, or justifications. We take 100% responsibility. We are responsible for what we do or don’t do (could have, should have). We have the power to choose how we respond to everything that happens to us.

We are communicative.

We convey information to our teammates, management, and clients clearly and simply, in a way that means things are understood and get done. We communicate often and never assume our message is received without confirmation. We do not delay bad news.

We are professional.

We adhere to strict rules of the workplace to ensure that others are heard, respected, and feel safe in the workplace. We are prompt to meetings and well-prepared. We provide feedback in a positive manner and never gossip. We ensure our appearance exceeds our clients.

We are organized.

We believe that being organized is a state of mind. We used structured workflows to ensure that our work is prioritized, tracked, and measured. We operate with well-defined deadlines and clearly see all tasks. We plan our weeks so that we are never double-booked.

We are reliable.

We strive to be someone others can count on and rely on. If we say we’re going to do something, we do it. We don’t let items fall through the cracks. We handle our work, are responsible, and follow through.

We are collaborative.

We believe that as a team we can create more impact than as an individual. Within our team, we communicate constructively, transparently, openly, and listen. We are supportive, flexible, and always ready to help. We never compete with our team, nor carry secret agendas. We are reliable and always put the team’s objectives above our own.

We are intuitive.

We are aware of our situation, surroundings, and the environment. We are aware of people, as well as self-reflective and insightful about ourselves and empathetic of others. We are optimistic about the impact we have on ourselves, our co-workers, the Company, and our clients.

We are resourceful.

We take time to understand the tools and capabilities that are available to us. We have a figure-things-out mentality. We don’t pass around problems to others. We leverage the collective value of the Company to achieve results. We evaluate and identify new and innovative ways to get the job done.


Where talent meets tenacity

We pride ourselves in pairing “get it done” culture with “get it right” talent. Because we recognize the driving force behind delivering innovative solutions to our clients is the expertise of our team. Sound like you? Then maybe you’d be a good fit for the team.