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Accelerating digital transformation and movement to DevOps and cloud have decentralized IT Operations. This shift demands improved efficiency and frictionless operations capable of scaling to meet the demands of modern business.

AIOps, or Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, uses Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Automation to simplify the way IT Operations teams support and manage modern IT environments to meet these needs. But the path to AIOps adoption isn’t easy.

Modern IT environments are extraordinarily complex. Every vendor in the operations management space Is claiming AIOps support. This can make realizing the full benefits of AIOps challenging. Poor planning can stall the journey to realized value, resulting in over-investment in one technology or failing to align AIOps strategy to specific, obtainable use cases.

Windward’s free AIOPs Assessment will set the stage to obtain that value in measurable steps:

Step 1

Benchmark where your organization is today

Step 2

Identify best use cases for AIOps adoption

Step 3

Documentation of your best path forward

Step 4

Development of an AIOps Investment Plan

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