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4 reasons to choose Windward for your ServiceNow ITSM installation

Written by Vikki Fraser

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ITSM – IT service management is the activities that are performed by an organization to design, plan, deliver, operate and control information technology services offered to customers. – Wikipedia

ITSM from the outset can seem like a messy, complicated process, and it can be if not executed properly. However properly aligning and upgrading your ITSM process is made easier with the guidance of Windward’s team and ServiceNow, the world’s most popular IT Service Management platform.

The needs of IT support teams have become increasingly complex as new channels for requests are required by the business. IT teams are dealing with support tickets coming from email, Slack, chat and intranets every day. Further, the amount of repetitive requests for items like password resets, software upgrades and hardware requests continue to bog IT teams down and keep them from focusing on innovation. The most effective IT support teams are leveraging ITSM best practices to begin to automate repetitive tasks, quickly identify solutions to outages, and reduce the noise and complexity within their IT operations practice. Windward’s team of experts helps IT teams select the best technology for their needs, deploy the solution, integrate it with their other technology platforms and even provides end to end platform management services for clients who do not have the technical expertise required in-house. As such, we have supported dozens of clients through deployment and value realization of ServiceNow. Here’s why it may be a good choice for you.

Why ServiceNow ITSM?

ServiceNow allows you to take control of the assets, communication and documentation across your entire support structure. Powerful high-speed automation does the heavy lifting so your experts can concentrate on their core work and not spend time on getting things to the right place or right person. It can also automate virtual assistants to help with common questions and point users to documentation to suit their needs leveraging its machine learning capabilities.

ServiceNow meets your team where they work. Literally. ServiceNow can connect to remote teams or in-house teams seamlessly via mobile and desktop while integrating live and virtual agents to streamline productivity.

ServiceNow delivers actionable insights to managers and executives. This allows your people to focus on the human aspect of a solutions call or chat. You can manage incidents, problems and requests all within one dashboard. And ServiceNow ITSM seamlessly integrates with your current desktop support products, authentication software, and productivity tools.

Why Windward is a leading ServiceNow Integrator

  1. Successful deployments require more than just good engineers. As a leading partner for ServiceNow, Windward brings decades of experience with process design, benchmarking, service catalogs, and SLAs.
  2. Windward Consulting Group is a ServiceNow Premier Partner and has been deploying ServiceNow solutions for over 6 years.
  3. Our expertise comes not only from understanding this platform but integrating it into wider business processes and enhancing its value across the enterprise.
  4. We have deployed ServiceNow for numerous Fortune 500, Government and Large Telecommunications providers creating a breadth of experience in use cases and solution design.
  5. Not only do we discover your best use case, we deliver it. Windward’s team of product experts will help you through every aspect of your platform implementation from discovery to delivery.
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Click here to download our ServiceNow Case Study with DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

DARPA was looking to improve their customer’s service experience when interacting with the team dedicated to satisfying classified IT needs.

Windward Consulting Group was tasked with improving the quality of customer support, reducing errors due to incomplete information, and providing a repository of IT performance information.

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