What to Know Before Engaging AIOps Companies

As “AIOps” becomes an IT buzzword, consultants and vendors are branding themselves experts. How do you choose a partner with real strategic capabilities?

It can feel like an uphill battle to digitally transform a business and keep up with the rapidly changing technology landscape. Managing numerous functions and the sheer volume of data puts IT leaders under immense pressure to keep up.

AIOps (Artificial Intelligence in IT Operations) is an emerging technology that leverages artificial intelligence. Businesses can employ large-scale data sets, machine learning, and automation to make IT operations faster, simpler, more efficient, enhance reliability, and reduce vulnerability.

Here are some tips that you should know before engaging with AIOps companies.

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Top AIOps Platforms/Vendors who you need to know right now:


ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) offer solutions for more efficient and agile workflows, services, and software. 


  • Improve IT ecosystem performance and services with advanced technology features
  • Unify workflows for real-time prioritization and remediation
  • Reduce incidents and MTTR with AIOps to eliminate noise, prioritize, identify root cause, and remediate
  • Reduce MTTR and incidents with AIOps to mitigate noise, prioritize, identify root causes and resolve issues immediately
  • Gain visibility across your entire infrastructure – on-premises and cloud operations

2. Datadog

Datadog serves IT, Dev, and Ops companies who want to turn the massive amounts of data produced by their apps, tools, and services into actionable insights.


  • Cluster metrics and events across the entire IT environment
  • Trace requests from end to end across distributed systems with APM
  • Provide proactive monitoring and visuals of the user experience and journey in one consolidated dashboard
  • Build real-time interactive dashboards to monitor metrics, traces, logs and more
  • Real-time threat detection across the infrastructure, applications, and network

3. Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) identifies and prevents incidents before they impact customers. ITSI correlates and applies artificial intelligence for end-to-end service monitoring, predictive alerting, and streamlined incident resolution.


  • Dashboards to monitor service health and KPIs in real-time
  • Intelligent alerting and automated event clustering
  • Predictive analytics to prevent incidents 30 minutes in advance

4. PagerDuty

PagerDuty helps identify issues and opportunities in real-time and brings together the right people to fix problems faster and to prevent them in the future.


  • Identify root cause in real-time
  • Coordinate an effective response with contextual information about recent changes
  • Pinpoint the potential contributing factor that caused the incident
  • Turn any change event from across the digital ecosystem

5. ScienceLogic SL1

The scienceLogic platform collects and aggregates data across IT ecosystems and contextualizes it for actionable insights with the SL1 product offering. Turn any change event from across the digital ecosystem.


  • Help to discover all IT components across physical, virtual, and cloud
  • Contextualize data through relationship mapping and ML for actionable insights
  • Assist multi-directional integrations to automate workflows at cloud scale

6. LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor is a SaaS-based platform that provides prebuilt integrations and an open API. It is designed to provide monitoring across networks, servers, applications, websites, and containers, including insights and reporting capabilities.


  • Automated deployment and configuration
  • Dynamic topology mapping for networks, servers, containers, and more
  • Machine learning and AIOps that includes anomaly detection and root cause analysis
  • Customizable dashboards and pre-built dashboard templates

7. ignio™, AIOps

Digitate’s AIOps software ignio supports enterprise IT and the business landscape with its closed-loop approach that combines context, insights, and intelligent automation to autonomously resolve and prevent issues.


  • Reduce MTTR by more than 90% and improve resilience by leveraging AI
  • Enhance efficiency and agility with a vast library of pre-built capabilities
  • Ensure IT operations by predicting and preventing repetitive issues, risks, and anomalies

5 Essential Steps For Evaluating AIOps Consultants and Vendors

  1. Understanding the key challenges of your company
  2. Addressing sources of the challenges
  3. Isolating the key functional areas you need to approach
  4. Establishing the product capabilities needed to meet your business objectives
  5. Narrowing your search on AIOps vendors who will enable you to achieve your goal

By ensuring the above steps you can easily identify which vendor you should shortlist to reach your goals and get the maximum out of your AIOps investment.

Why Do Companies Hire Outside AIOps Consulting and Vendors?

Many small- and medium-scale IT companies struggle with the decision on whether to hire an outside AIOps consultant or not. Here are some of the main reasons businesses go in this direction:

  • Manage the sheer volume of tasks, data, and IT functions
  • Enable deeper context and visibility across tools
  • Proactive workflow in optimized collaboration
  • Control the costs of IT operations/support
  • Ensure the ability of operations to achieve the business objectives

As you have seen, AIOps consultants can add significant value and keep pace in a changing business environment. By evaluating the key elements associated with your business goals, you can assess whether they can create real business value for you.

Checklist Before Engaging With Any AIOps Company/Platform

Your Critical Requirements
Every organization will have differences in both focus and framework relevant to the AIOps support needed based on related value propositions. So the first step is to understand and prepare your critical requirements and goals before you get started.

Assess Outcome-Driven Capabilities
Focus on each AIOps vendor’s strengths in all areas that match your needs and readiness to go forward. In this way, you’ll have an excellent technical road map for AIOps selection.

The Data
Not at all a big surprise, data is key to the AIOps platform performance. This data can typically include event data, time-series data, log files, and other data such as configuration, topology, business-impact data, and even asset- and cost-related data.

Current/Past Platform Deployed
Leveraging and understanding your current requirements includes what you already have deployed, what’s working well, and identifying the biggest gaps.

Deployment Choices

Deployment choices can significantly affect pricing, time-to-deploy, and administrative overhead.

Return On Investment
Calculating return on investment (ROI) is extremely important for any business, regardless of the company size and industry. By calculating ROI for each AIOps vendor, you can get a crystal clear picture of who will bring the most effective results as compared to your forecasted numbers.

The Importance of Engaging With An AIOps Company or Platform

  • Proactive IT operations for avoiding outages before they happen
  • Better efficiencies for resources management
  • Monitor and control costs by proactively cutting down on the unused resources
  • Better productivity for IT teams to operate at scale
  • Proactive security updates, automated security monitoring, and prevention
  • Proactive governance compliance monitoring
  • Improved ROI that helps achieve business objectives faster

The IT department has never been more poised than now to lead businesses into the next generation of technological innovation. AIOps is only one step towards greater capabilities that scale with the business and create intelligent workflows. 

As you begin to plan your AIOps journey, take stock of your current systems and strategize for where you will realize the most value out of AIOps. Engaging with an AIOps company or platform will be so much easier when you know what you are looking for in a system or service.

Find flow. Take this checklist with you as you plan your AIOps strategy.

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