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early adoption
June 9, 2020 by Frank Raunikar

Why Technology Adoption Matters

Skillful Change Managers Turn Adoption into Competitive Advantage Businesses invest in IT because they expect a return on their investment. […]

adapting to change
June 2, 2020 by Frank Raunikar

How Do You Get Adoption?

Organizational Change Management Requires Heart When businesses face problems, where they look for solutions reveals the maturity of the culture […]

Lets Get Started
May 28, 2020 by Frank Raunikar

Getting Started with Change Management

Technology is a major component of every business and has become core to the digital transformation age. Over the last […]

itSMF logo
October 25, 2016 by windward

The Ever-changing World of ITSM Practices

Colin Monaghan, Managing Director of Government Solutions at Windward, recently had this article published in The Source, an e-magazine for […]