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Cloud Cost or Data Security?

Published Mar. 11, 2014
Written by Michele Darwin

Lock inside of a cloud

ZDNet publisheda story by Rachel Kinghighlighting the fact that organizations aren’t putting as much focus on the cost of Cloud adoption, but concerns about data security and protection are still holding people back. While Rachel was speaking more on the lines of the cost effectiveness and concerns around backup and online Cloud storage, I think the same concerns are present with discussions around enterprise mobility.

We talked about this in an earlier post:A Measured Approach to Mobility Means Asking the Tough Questions. While the cost of enterprise mobility and data privacy concerns are certainly present in the conversations, a smart, service-centric organization doesn’t jump on the bandwagon without a solid mobile strategy – both in financial terms and in terms of data security. Not unlike the challenges we face every day as we help our customers build private cloud infrastructures, a solid strategy is the best chance at a truly beneficial solution.