How to Select the Best Government IT Consultancy

Hiring the right partner can be a daunting task, especially in the government sector. You need to ensure you end up with a government IT consultancy firm you can not only trust, but who also fits the project requirements and budget. With so many different vendors, how exactly do you choose an IT firm to trust with your business who will directly contribute to your success?

Government IT Consultancy Checklist

  1. Check their experience and reputation. A good consultancy firm should have past experience in the same area of work that you are seeking, and at a similar scale. Their experience should include challenges faced as well as successes. You also want to ensure that you can trust an IT consultancy with your business reputation. 
  2. Check Customer Satisfaction Score. A high CSAT score will instill confidence in the decision to choose a consultancy. Their CSAT score represents their success and achievements.
  3. Search their website and reviews. Their website can provide details about the type of work they do and if it is related to your needs, as well as important information about customers, culture, experience, etc. Also, always research the reviews of potential IT consultancies, because this provides insight about different peoples experiences. 
  4. Verify the firm is included on the GSA Schedule. Any reputable IT consultancy will be on the GSA Schedule. Before considering any IT consultancy, make sure they are listed.
  5. Assess their communication skills. Successful communication is a must-have quality when hiring an IT consultancy. These are the people that will be responsible for the work on your project. You want to ensure updates are communicated clearly and professionally.
  6. Confirm their experience supporting classified work. When working in the government sector, you want to ensure you are choosing an IT consultancy that has been cleared and has cleared resources on their staff.

It’s always difficult to feel confident you are making the right choice when hiring an IT consultancy. Especially when there are not only so many different options, but also so many rules and regulations in the government sector. Following this checklist will help ensure you select the right government IT consultancy for your Agency, your project, and your stakeholders.

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