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How You Can Save One Million Dollars, for Free, Guaranteed!

Published May. 18, 2020
Written by Katie McDermott

People and Gears

During these unprecedented times we understand that changes have to be made in order to do what is best for your business and your employees. Tough decisions have to be made and we want to help make things easier! Implementing our Rapid Tools Assessment can save you a million dollars, for free, guaranteed.

Over the coming months IT leaders will be looking for cost-savings initiatives to financially combat the impacts of COVID-19. In IT there are three places we look to save money; hardware, software and talent. The area with the largest potential for extraneous spending is our software portfolio. Using our program, we guarantee that you will find a minimum of $1 million in unnecessary IT spending you can eliminate without having a negative impact on meeting business requirements.

Our RapidTA is a 5-day effort, requiring minimal effort from you and your team. You simply provide us with a list of your current tools, and we overlay empirical data from our proprietary Knowledge Base so you can make tools rationalization and consolidation decisions based on facts, not emotions. The results from our Rapid TA include the following;

  1. A clear understanding of your tools and their associated costs aligned to the TBM Taxonomy within the selected functional area
  2. A comprehensive set of requirements related to the selected functional area, including an overall portfolio health score and security version assessment
  3. A clear understanding of gaps, overlaps and overages in the functional area
  4. The ability to run scenarios to see how changes in your portfolio will impact your ability to meet requirements with empirical data to back your decisions
  5. A set of recommendations on how to close the gaps, reducing the overages and eliminate redundancy by Windward Subject Matter Experts

Our RapidTA is free! Yes, you read that right. Zero dollars. Windward is committed to the success of our clients and is offering this service as a gift. Make sure to schedule your RapidTA Check today! Contact your sales rep or fill out the form and we will reach out to you right away.

“Our clients need our help navigating these uncharted waters so they can stay afloat and save jobs. We are committed to being there for them, right now. No red tape.”

~ Mafa Amr, General Manager