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IT Transformation = #hurriquake!

Published Sep. 7, 2011
Written by Michele Darwin


It’s been a crazy few weeks! An earthquake, hurricane and volatile stock market are certainly keeping us all on our toes. For those of you who follow Twitter, there was a hashtag trending that summed it all up for me:


Having grown up near the beaches of Maryland all my life — I can’t help but think that bridging the alignment between IT and the business strategy without a plan can be a bit like driving over a bridge into a beach town right after a hurricane. I’ve seen a lot of aftermath of hurricanes over the past 40 years. It’s hard heading into the storm, not knowing what you’ll find, but pretty sure parts will be painful. Why cross that bridge when we’re safe inland? Because the benefits far outweigh not doing anything.

It really doesn’t matter if we are talking about the commercial or federal space; there is tremendous pressure on IT organizations today. All one has to do is look at the alternative solutions like outsourcing and SaaS to understand that organizations are trying anything they can to decrease IT spending, all while trying to stay on top of the competition with cloud computing and the underlying technologies like virtualization that supports these changes.

The structure of the bridge between the IT and business exists, it’s just that people are hesitant to venture across. There are many organizations sitting on one side or the other, but leadership, behavior, culture, technology, and the organization are keeping them there.

Service-Centric IT is essential to unify the business objectives and technology investments. Leaders must have a business strategy that succinctly defines enterprise business needs and aligns processes and organization. That means putting your seatbelt on and driving across the bridge. Strategically link operations and infrastructure to ensure that an enterprise’s business strategy can be realized by the technology it deploys. Be proactive, not reactive, and reap the benefits.

Heck, you might be surprised to see the beautiful ocean sunrise, white sand, and that those steamed crabs waiting on the other side are just what you needed for the perfect end to summer. These are benefits worth working for.