Join us for a Windward/Splunk Webinar

What if you could reach into the minds of Fortune 1000 leadership and see what their plans are for the future. Would you do it? Well now you can.

The 2020 IT Economic Impact Study was conducted by Helix Market Research on behalf of Windward Consulting Group on May 18, 2020. Windward’s CEO Sean McDermott wished to gain a better understanding of how other IT Leaders were steering their ship in the wake of the global pandemic which still holds us tightly in its grip.

Sean spoke to other C-Suite executives in the IT space and was getting disparate answers. He decided to partner with Helix Market Research to conduct a one-of-a-kind study to get inside the heads of Fortune 1000 leaders and see what their priorities are, where they planned to make sweeping changes, and where they were holding steady. In essence, he wanted to see the changes IT leaders were making to go Windward and where they are steering their ships.

New challenges such as a fully remote workforce, revenue impact, and data security concerns were top of mind for most. Acceleration of digital transformation has been thrust upon businesses big and small, but for larger enterprises agility can be more difficult. One survey respondent reported that he took his entire call center remote in two weeks, something they never imagined could ever be done. This acceleration effect has become pervasive across IT teams everywhere.

As the numbers rolled in some points became obvious; everyone needed to move, and move quickly. But how, and in which direction? Some topics needed further clarification. To drill down on the most important points Sean decided to conduct one-on-one interviews and ask key industry thought leaders to share their perspective so he could better understand the intentions behind the results.

This session delved deeper into:

  • The top priorities for IT leaders over the next 90 days
  • Where IT leaders are investing in 2020
  • How much revenue and staffing impact is expected in the next 12 months

Now Sean is taking things a step further. He will be joined by his long-time friend and industry pundit Andi Mann, a global CTO, Chief Strategy Officer, and Chief Technology Evangelist for Splunk to dive into “How IT Leaders are Adjusting to the Unpredictable in 2020”.

This is a live conversation you want to hear!

Webinar: How IT Leaders are Adjusting to the Unpredictable in 2020

August 27, 2020 10 AM EST – 1 PM EST

Listen in as Sean and Andi discuss why 85% of Fortune 1000 IT teams have made adjustments to their 2020 goals and where they are prioritizing cuts.

You’ll discover:

  • The revenue impact of COVID-19 for the Fortune 1000
  • How and where IT leaders are prioritizing cuts to staff, consultants and outsourcing
  • What IT leaders prioritized in their contingency plans

Space is limited! So please RSVP today to reserve your spot and get the opportunity to ask questions live!

Plus we’ll be giving away an Oculus Quest VR headset to one lucky attendee.

About Sean McDermott:

Sean McDermott is an IT industry pioneer, engineer and consultant who has helped Fortune 1000 IT leaders navigate through massive industry change over the last 23 years. As the CEO of Windward Consulting Group he has created an A-Team the Fortune 1000 relies on to accelerate digital transformation and user adoption. He is also the CEO of RedMonocle, a SaaS platform to help CISO’s and Enterprise Architects understand their technology risks, gaps and overlaps. Previously, Sean was the Founder and CEO of RealOps, Inc., the pioneer in enterprise management Run Book Automation solutions which was acquired by BMC.

About Andi Mann:

Andi Mann is a Global Chief Technology Officer and Chief Strategy Officer. He is recognized and awarded as a leading technology analyst and explorer, with varied experience delivering business results through technology excellence and innovation. He leads global cross-functional teams in technology, strategy, and innovation, with strong marketing, sales, and partnership skills, to deliver on business goals. As a trusted advisor he has proven success guiding other executives and diverse teams in technology strategy, product innovation, business development, mergers and acquisitions, and more. Andi currently serves as the Chief Technology Advocate at Splunk, Inc, the global leader in bringing data to every part of your organization.

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