#Know21: Scaling and Managing IT for the Enterprise/Fortune 500

Multinational corporations, large enterprise and the Fortune 500 face IT operations complexity on a scale that is unimaginable to some at the best of times. While large companies often have the advantage of resources and talent, they can sometimes struggle when it comes to agility and responsiveness to change. 

So how did these large, complex businesses respond when the COVID-19 pandemic turned the world of work – and retail, and healthcare, and nearly every industry – upside down? This year’s ServiceNow Knowledge 2021 virtual conference took a closer look in several sessions.

In the session “Scale enterprise service management to break silos and avoid costs” Amjad Shaikh and Nick Borgwardt of ServiceNow discuss scaling IT operations through Employee Service Management (ESM). The key drivers for this approach is to improve employee experience, drive operational efficiency, and provide a scalable platform for growth. The key is clarity and simplicity. By providing employees with frictionless, consumer-grade digital experiences, the enterprise can scale at the speed of modern business.  

Who reads 15-page policies in the age of 15-second TikToks?”

Nick Borgwardt, ServiceNow

In “Consolidating five service desks to ServiceNow and key outcomes,” Barbara Mitchell of Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada shares their journey transitioning to ServiceNow. The company tackled an incredible project in a tight timeframe, and a key element of their success was embracing organizational change management. Performance testing, soft launches, and clear communication were the key to consolidating five service desks into one, and now Sun Life is reaping the benefits of this effort.

The demo “Drive shared service productivity across the enterprise” is a quick look at ServiceNow’s Employee Service Management (ESM) solution. Great experiences happen when employees can get the services and help they need quickly, easily, and intuitively. ESM standardizes digital service delivery across the enterprise. With a common experience for all employee-facing services and a common platform to manage and govern these services, ESM helps organizations improve employee needs around productivity, visibility, and performance while improving operational efficiency.

Need an expert partner in scaling enterprise IT operations?

A ServiceNow premiere partner, Windward has been the leader in deploying and managing complex, enterprise-grade Operations Management platforms since 1997. The world’s leading Fortune 500 companies rely on us for expertise in IT service management, event management, data analytics, orchestration and automation, and operations Artificial Intelligence.  

If you’d like to speak with one of our A-Team experts on how your organization can better capitalize on your ServiceNow investment, please contact us today. We’re ready to assist.

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