Case Study

Clearing a path for IT automation success with AIOps & ServiceNow

A telecom company engaged Windward to assess internal IT processes and systems. The goal? Update existing IT processes with automation. The result? A clear roadmap to support business goals well into the future.
The situation

Windward performed an analysis of their current systems, benchmarking them for readiness to successfully implement automation and determining a roadmap to AIOps adoption leveraging ServiceNow and their entire IT ecosystem.

"The best thing we can show a client is their own data. Seeing themselves in the mirror clearly, so they understand what needs to be done and why."

Better Building Blocks | From Legacy ITSM Software to the NOW platform

“It’s like building a house with concrete blocks that I have to pour versus building with Legos that are already built; I just need to connect them. It’s not just about the efficiency (I saved an hour building a dashboard) but about the whole experience, the delight factor.” – Client Representative

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