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Our enterprise clients are constantly faced with challenges to stay competitive and maintain stability of their IT infrastructure and mobile workforce. Our customers come to us because they are looking for that big idea to help them achieve that. By helping organizations do things tactically and strategically, we help our clients find ways to streamline their IT spend, deliver services faster, and redeploy the savings to increase revenue, and gain a competitive advantage.

Windward found in our 2020 Economic Impact Study that 64% of Fortune 1000 IT teams are pivoting to new products and services. This is where Windward can help. We have been helping enterprise organizations make digital transformation a reality since 1997 and we have the expertise and experience to help you succeed.

We understand that as the enterprise world needs to quickly adjust to the new-world of COVID-19 and beyond. By leveraging partnerships with various platforms we’re able to make this transformation agile. In addition to a paradigm shift I our work force, recent changes include consolidation, regulation, the surge of online and mobile banking, and competition, a business-focused technology strategy is more critical than ever. This new world has created a number of challenges such as gaps in change and compliance control, inaccurate asset management practices, inefficient processes, excess IT management tools, the lack of integration between systems, and misalignment of organizations. All of these challenges combine to inhibit the IT organization's ability to respond to the most pressing needs of the business.

Windward Consulting Group, a Washington DC consulting firm has been the trusted advisor to a wide range of Financial Institutions, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, and Retail companies for the past 23 years.

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“Windward is great company to partner with and their team exhibited the necessary technical depth required for the delivering [our] requirements” - Major Healthcare Provider