Moogsoft AIOps provides a critical layer of intelligence for automating your end-to-end event to resolution workflow

The complexity of translating data into actionable intelligence is growing exponentially. The only way to get in front of this challenge is to put data into the right swim lane and group them into actionable, contextual situations.

How can IT leaders keep up with demands when they are faced with shrinking budgets, compounding complexity of information and an accelerated rate of change?

By making the shift to AIOps and letting Windward lead the way. We will put together the best holistic AIOps solution with a combination of tools that align to your needs. We deploy Moogsoft® AIOps algorithms and collaboration capabilities to remove the noise and allow you to make sense of the complexity. Are you ready to make sense of your data with Moogsoft’s patented AI algorithms?

Are you already a Moogsoft user? Would you be interested in a Rapid Health Check©?

Windward’s Rapid Health Check is an in-depth review of your current Moogsoft installation with the objective of improving your time to value and finding key opportunities to get the most out of this platform.

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Windward Consulting Group has been a Moogsoft partner since 2016 and has quickly risen to the top as a best-in-class integrator. Windward Consulting empowers clients to plan, build, and operate highly efficient IT infrastructures and services that are tightly aligned with business processes.

Since 1997, we have provided Service Management, AIOps, and DevOps solutions to over 500 clients around the globe with more than 3,000 projects. This experience and expertise enables Windward to serve as a trusted partner, providing clients with a unique blend of expert process knowledge, technology acumen and deep operational experience.

Windward has successfully deployed Moogsoft’s AIOps platforms in the following industries:





Higher Education

Supply Chain

Data Center Providers


Moogsoft is a robust AIOps platform for enterprise businesses to automate your end to end event to resolution workflow resulting in a root cause analysis, clear problem areas and the optimal path to resolution.

Why do you need Windward as a partner?

  • We create and align an AIOps strategy across your business
  • We are vendor agnostic and understand the full breadth of AIOps solutions
  • We measure your results and manage to agreed upon SLAs
  • We focus on innovation and improving value realization
  • We tap into a broader expertise for complex solutions for AIOps
  • We enhance security and compliance
  • We access and deploy new technologies faster
  • We realize time to value and reduce mean time to resolution
  • We manage new requirements
  • We free up your staff to focus on strategic projects
  • We expand the value of your Moogsoft® investment

Windward helps clients build and deploy a Service Centric IT vision and roadmap through strategic planning, integration of transformational service management technologies, and organizational change management to achieve real-world results.

The Windward AIOps practice helps you define your AIOps strategy and roadmap and aligns the right technologies to your specific business needs. We deliver this key transformational technology for our clients through three service offerings; AIOps Planning, AIOps Integration, and AIOps Adoption.


  • 90-99%+ Alert Noise Reduction
  • Hundreds of Monitoring and Workflow Integrations
  • Workflow Engine
  • Situation Clustering Correlation
  • Probable Root Cause Feedback
  • Situation Collaboration and Engagement
  • Event to Resolution Automation
  • Significant Reduction in MTTR
  • Continuous Assurance


  • Iterative Deployment Plan
  • Situation Design, Configuration and Calibration
  • Alert Ingestion and Enrichment Integrations Integration(s)
  • Tool and Automation Integration
  • Operations Runbook and Training
  • Project/Program Management
  • Go-Live Migration and Support
  • Software Upgrades and Migrations


  • Technology Pilot Delivery and Evaluation
  • IT Service Catalog Alignment
  • Service Management Gap Analysis
  • Monitoring Environment Readiness
  • Priority Incident to Situation Analysis
  • Troubleshooting and Service Resolution Analysis
  • AIOps Architecture
  • Organizational Workflow Plan
  • Organizational Adoption Plan


  • AIOps Center of Excellence
  • AIOps Stakeholder Analysis
  • Process and Workflow Impact
    and Design
  • Runbook Development
  • Calibration and Feedback Process
  • Change Communications and Coaching
  • Operations Training and Support
  • Executive Sponsorship and Reporting

Windward IMPACT

Communications service provider operation teams were being sent more then 1000 events per second for a particular external facing customer. Within first week of deployment the number of actionable events were reduced weekly from 51,000 to less than 1200.

The World’s largest Credit Union needed AIOps to provide operational transparency, automation of root cause detection with analytics while reduction of traditional IT silo towers knowledge capture. By leveraging AIOps collaboration and virtual resourcing of ITSM teams across the organization the MTTR/MTBF’s were significantly reduced while providing visibility across various lines of businesses and executive level management.

A Major airline was able to reduce the large and complex number of incoming events via a large disparate set of service management and availability platforms into a single AIOps based single “pane of glass” for both operations and other parts of the organization.

Managed Platform Services

Windward supports organizations through the full lifecycle of their Moogsoft deployment including offering Managed Platform Services post-deployment. This offering allows your IT team to focus on their core competencies and while Windward provides the Moogsoft expertise you need to accelerate time to value.
With our Managed Platform Services offering you get access to all of these resources without having to increase your team’s headcount:

  • Moogsoft Process Consultants
  • Moogsoft Business Analysts
  • Moogsoft Architects
  • Moogsoft AIOps Specialists
  • Moogsoft Developers
  • Moogsoft Admins

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Listen in on a fireside chat between Sean McDermott, CEO of Windward and Will Cappelli, the Chief Technology Officer Europe and Head of Product Strategy for Moogsoft as they discuss the future of AIOps for the Enterprise and the results of Windward’s 2020 Information Technology COVID-19 Economic Impact Study.

Did you know that 64% of Fortune 1000 IT teams are pivoting to new products and services? Discover what that means for IT and how today's leaders are responding to the pandemic.

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