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See why we’re the leader in ensuring BigPanda AIOps deployments have maximum impact towards achieving IT operational goals.
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Why Windward Partners with BigPanda

As a recognized leader in AIOps strategy, Windward seeks partnerships with “Best of Breed” tools to support our enterprise and federal IT clients’ big picture objectives. Windward is the leader in ensuring BigPanda AIOps deployments have maximum impact towards achieving IT operational objectives.

Like Windward, BigPanda understands that big strategic initiatives create challenges and complexity for IT Ops teams. BigPanda’s AIOps Event Correlation and Automation platform can help IT organizations embrace DevOps and SRE, modernize their application stack, adopt AI and automation, and support hybrid and cloud environments. This makes BigPanda a natural fit for our approach to strategic IT consulting.

BigPanda Use Cases

Are you trying to rationalize your observability tool set? Do you need to create a single view of incidents across all observability, monitoring, change and topology data? Are you struggling with operational awareness, extended MTTR, or the inability to identify root causes of outages? Are you looking for ways to optimize IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE cycles with incident automation? Windward will work with you on a successful deployment. We will devise a strategy for success, collaborate with your team on deployment with our deep expertise, and drive adoption to attain you desired outcomes.

Unsure how BigPanda might fit into your requirements? Here are a few successful use cases worth checking out:


A major investment management firm integrated 50+ IT tools to reduce MTTS by 40% and improve IT Ops situational awareness.


A Fortune 500 retailer reduced MTTR by 75% and saved 5 hours per incident with auto-remediation.


One of the largest fixed wireless service providers in the U.S. integrated 11 tools and achieved an event correlation rate of 90%, reducing time to resolution.

Getting started with BigPanda

Looking to launch BigPanda soon? Windward is ready to help you get return on your investment quickly. Integrate all your IT Ops data quickly with BigPanda’s Open Integrations Hub then turn that data into insight. BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning powers Event Correlation and Root Cause Analysis with logic you can create, test, validate and run without data scientists.

Optimizing BigPanda

Ready to start optimizing your BigPanda investment? Get the most from this AIOps Event Correlation and Automation platform. Windward is an experienced partner with specialized expertise in best practices for BigPanda. We’re ready to help your team achieve techceleration by leveraging the full potential of this domain-agnostic tool.

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