AIOps Roadmap & Readiness Guide

Now is a great time to be looking at how you can leverage AI to improve IT operations. Having worked with hundreds of companies on AIOps strategy, we’ve condensed our expertise into a free resource: an AIOps Roadmap guide. It’s a quick read to help you frame your thinking—and maybe find a good starting point.
aiops roadmap

The pressure is on IT operations teams to deliver more, better, faster. And as always, there are plenty of software platforms and tools calling your name, promising relief.

Everybody knows IT ops teams have to integrate emerging technologies like AI, ML and automation to keep up with demand  That’s why the “AIOps” space is exploding. And that’s also why it’s overwhelming.

How do you find the right starting point? Where do you go next?

You need a roadmap, to help translate your vision into something you can easily communicate to your team, and the leadership of your organization.

Windward has worked extensively with companies in outlining a roadmap to AIOps implementation, now distilled into a free resource: an AIOps Roadmap guide. It’s a quick, informative read to help you shape AIOps adoption. This guide covers:

  • The Top 7 Use Cases for AIOps – Which will provide the biggest quick wins starting out?
  • The 6 Prerequisites for AIOps Readiness – How do you know when you’re ready to begin?
  • The 2 Major Phases of AIOps Adoption – Are you in an exploration phase or exploitation phase?

Download it now! We hope it’s helpful in framing your thoughts around this key piece of IT operations strategy.


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