Organizational Change Management

6X Your Probability for Project Success with Organizational Change Management

How Do You Go from Investment to Value When Every Move Counts?

IT is the digital heartbeat of every modern organization. Our strength lies in our ability to solve problems with technology. As an IT community, our ability to inspire people to adopt changes in technology has been sub-par and the Standish Group’s research reveals 70% of projects fail. The reason why is because we’ve largely underestimated the power of one key variable in the equation; people.

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People Are at The Center of Digital Transformation

Our ability to deliver on change requires alignment across multiple stakeholder groups who often have vastly different needs and sometimes, competing interests. Technology tends to be a 1 or 0. It either works or it doesn’t. Processes follow a logical flow and sequence, but people have complex motivations. People respond more like a herd of cats than a line of code.

Windward Can Help You Gain the 6X Probability for Exceeding Objectives

Windward has skilled organizational change managers who have worked at scale, under pressure, and from the C-suite to the field offices, to the virtual meeting rooms, to the raised data center floor and all points in between. When careers, livelihoods and whole businesses have been on the line, we’ve come through. Repeatedly.

We’ve successfully supported our clients through the dot com bust, 9/11 and the 2008 recession. At Windward, we know how to deliver on the people side of change.

We have three Organizational Change Management offerings:

Project/Program Startup engages leaders and teams to set the projects up for success from the beginning, foster the right conversations and decisions through delivery, and support business communities on the other side of go-live to ensure adoption.

Project/Program Midpoint Join comes in two flavors. Maybe the project got off to a good start but now things are off course. We bring the management consulting expertise along with the organizational change management discipline to help right the ship. Maybe the project is underway, but the full implications for the organization were not fully foreseen and you need some ringers to help cover fresh ground and speed the project’s success.

Practice Startup is where we work with your teams after they have completed training, we take them through the process, mentor them along the way, help them establish a self-sustaining practice and come back periodically for ongoing review, fine-tuning, and occasional support. We work on deploying mission critical projects within highly complex IT infrastructures for some of the largest companies in the world. Our clients require solutions that scale. Scale requires a combination of people who are aligned to a common mission and have the right technology to do the job. We’re experts at all three.

Windward leverages the Prosci ADKAR® Model© for change that provides:

  • A common language for change
  • A simple framework to create change
  • A focus on the human element for adoption of change
  • Clear goals for measuring change

If you’d like to learn how you can accelerate your path to meaningful organizational change, increase user adoption, and strategize your next offensive play, Windward is here to help.

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