Our Mission

Windward solves Service-Centric IT challenges throughout our clients’ organizations by providing the best minds and proven solutions. We believe in an engaged workforce to build a stronger company by operating with integrity, honesty, transparency and teamwork. We are accountable for our actions and are empowered to be innovative. We are committed ​to excellence and to continually deliver ​solutions that result in high value for our clients.

Our History

The term ‘Windward’ refers to positioning oneself in an advantageous position in relation to the wind, a term regularly used when racing or maneuvering a sailing ship. During the days of classic naval warfare, the windward vessel was always more maneuverable, thus, entering the battle from the windward direction gained an important tactical advantage over the opposing warship. Windward provides our clients with the ‘windward’ advantage by using IT as a strategic and tactical advantage in the marketplace.

Since our inception, Windward has supported over 500 clients around the globe with more than 2000 projects. With initial roots in the Communications Service Provider sector, Windward has diversified to provide solutions to commercial sectors such as Financial Services and other large enterprises.

In 2001, Windward was selected by a member of the intelligence community to bring commercial best practices to the Federal Government. Since then Windward has grown a significant presence within the Federal Government and continues to provide innovative solutions to the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and other civilian agencies.