A business mentality. We’re strategists above all.

We’re always looking for the why before the what. Because implementation without strategy is meaningless—but deployments that alleviate business pain points can have transformative impact.
Windward Team

We start by understanding your past. And constantly keep an eye on the future.

Our strategic approach pairs deep domain expertise across industries and business functions with technological savvy across the three core disciplines of service-centric IT: Service Management, Service Deployment, and Operations Management.

This cross-functional, holistic approach considers cause and effect across the whole enterprise. It enables us to realize true harmony across people, purpose, and platforms, and deliver unmatched value for years to come.

Service Management

IT Service Strategy

Our IT Service Strategy Solution helps IT organizations understand, plan and implement the most cohesive IT initiatives that better align IT with the business or mission, promote faster adoption, and improve the IT organization's ability to support the business. This includes executing phased or combined plans to implement, improve, manage, or retire services, components, or processes.

IT Process Alignment

Windward empowers IT organizations to interpret and plan actions that support business objectives and requirements for IT-enabled services. This solution is built on services that focus on how IT operations environments have been performing historically and then adopts forward-thinking, innovative approaches to better blend IT capabilities with business needs.

Service Desk Optimization

Windward helps IT organizations streamline and automate client-facing support interface between IT and the Lines of Business. This solution is built for designing, implementing, and managing service desk capabilities including software, knowledge management functions, visualization and reporting, and the training required to ensure staff understand the correct way to work with the service desk.

Service Deployment

Asset and Discovery

The concepts of Asset and Discovery go hand-in-hand. IT Asset or Inventory Management provides a global view of all IT assets the company owns, while discovery enables the inputs and outputs to be factored into this global view. The goal is to enable informed decisions on up-to-date and accurate information surrounding the deployment of IT assets, to include services they support.

Provisioning and Configuration

Windward's Provisioning and Configuration Solution helps IT organizations to achieve operational maturity, allowing IT managers to understand dependencies among all IT assets and carefully plan for change. Our solution automates manual tasks while maintaining asset accountability and minimizes the impact on IT infrastructure for business and mission objectives.

Automation and Orchestration

Known by various different names, IT process automation and orchestration provide organizations the ability to integrate disparate tools and processes across their environment to deliver dependency-based, workflow-oriented tasks and functions that would otherwise be completed manually by IT operations staff and administrators.

Operations Management

Analytics and Reporting

IT organizations are among the many who are turning to analytics and rich visualization technologies to better leverage the overwhelming volume of data to optimize operations, and extend visibility surrounding the health of core IT systems, to highlight and anticipate major problems, to measure quality of service, and to convey essential information with their constituents.

Performance and Capacity

Ensuring the peak performance and availability of key services and applications are vital to the success of an organization. Our solution provides tools that identify, display, and project key performance indicators and demand metrics, providing a complete picture of how the IT environment is performing and dramatically reduce the time it takes to find and resolve issues.

Service Availability

The quality of management software selection, configuration, integration, and usage, along with enhancing technology managers' insights into operational performance, enable the ability to redirect resources from operations to innovation, remove inefficiencies, automate operations, and optimize infrastructure to improve IT services.