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Change Management Tug-o-War

Written by Windward Consulting Group

Tug-of-war. Two people pulling a rope in opposite direction isolated on white background.

Technology is like a tug of war – you can’t pull on your end of the rope without pulling on someone else at the other end. As technology grows and changes, all aspects of the business get pulled toward these changes. Change Management is the process of controlling the lifecycle of all changes and focuses on building repeatable processes. There’s no doubt that the delivery of IT services is moving to the Cloud — resulting in lower costs, increasing quality of services and making infrastructure easily obtainable. As a result, Change Management will be brought to the forefront of how companies do business.

However, uncontrolled change is still the leading cause of IT outages – hands down.

Web application server technology is revolutionizing how people do their jobs, but how do companies leverage this technology? Change Managementrequires lengthy sets of discrete steps that must be executed flawlessly to customize the configuration and successfully deploy these applications. However, web application server infrastructure does not have consistent or robust set of tools to automate or simplify these tasks. Many software vendors are building and developing tools.

Several well known technology companies are vying for government, military and large company contracts, including software solutions from all big guys such asCA Technologies,BMC ITSM,Microsoft Dynamic CRM,IBM Maximo, andHP Service Desk. All vendors are working to realize the following benefits for their customers:

  • Lower the total cost of ownership of information technology;
  • Speeds the time-to-market of new application and updates that add value to the companies;
  • Improve application uptime and reduce the time needed to troubleshoot issues;
  • Provide reporting to document application and configuration information, and simplify the separation of overall duties.

Each one of these companies is working to simplify Change Management automation complexity that all businesses are facing, pushing these businesses towards the future state of their company.