Windward Insights

Clouds Bumping Up Against the Mountains

Published Oct. 25, 2011
Written by Sean McDermott

Mountain peak breaking through the solid cloud bank

InformationWeek Government posted a very interesting (albeit brief) article in last week titledHow to Build a Government Cloud.

So infrastructure services on–virtual machines, storage, Web hosting–aren’t exactly the on-demand, subscription-style services that come to mind when we think of the cloud. Is that good or bad? Let’s just say it’s different. While the ability to bid on “micro spot instances” on Amazon may appeal to startups, that may not be a viable approach for the feds.

This is a great of example where technology must match up with the business. The Government has a very different business model than that of private industry and the feds are required to go through more hoops to ensure that public funds are spent wisely. Some may say this bureaucracy is the very issue with Government efficiency, but that’s another debate. The real story here is that technology can change an IT landscape, but in different ways for different landscapes — such as Government and private industry markets. Don’t be surprised when we start seeing similar roadblocks in the private sector, especially highly regulated markets like financial services, healthcare, etc.