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Is Big Data Giving You a Big Headache?

Published Apr. 22, 2015
Written by Sean McDermott

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According to Gartner, investments continue to be made in Big Data, with 73% of organizations having invested or planned to invest within 24 months. But strangely, the numbers of projects that actually move to production deployments still remain few.

Why is this? If Big Data has so much business value, why are these projects sitting on the sidelines? I have a theory…

We often see that many organizations don’t have a strategy or desired business outcome in mind. They collect piles of data which they capture and store every day, but don’t know what to do with it. Storing data is the easy part, but managing and translating that data into usable information is a skill many businesses are lacking.

Take IT operations (a space near and dear to my heart). Companies need the ability to search, monitor, analyze and visualize the Big Data collected from websites, applications, networks, sensors and even mobile devices. If they can do that, data becomes a strategic asset.

Do you want your CIO to breathe easier? Then lower your risk profile byquicklyidentifying application failures, understanding cyber-attacks, knowing who accessed sensitive data, and improving SLAs. You can do this today!

Tremendous opportunities exist that translate to substantial ROI. Here are a few…

  1. IT Operations– Today’s datacenters are very complex, so when problems surface, finding the root cause is difficult. Seriously, does anyone enjoy Priority 1 outages that require Sunday afternoon group conference calls? Operations analytics – collecting, indexing and harnessing live data from virtually any source within your environment, allows operational visibility, reduced investigation times and mean time to resolution (MTTR) and uninterrupted critical services.
  2. Business Analytics– Let’s face it, we live in a data driven world. Every organization generates large amounts of machine data. So, gaining relevant and timely insights through business analytics allow companies to collect, analyze, index and report from any source in real-time. This timely insight represents huge potential value for the business.
  3. Security and Compliance –The frequency of cyber-attacks should be causing CIO’s of every organization to be on the edge of their seats – it’s out of control. Companies must re-evaluate the tools, systems and processes they use. The amount of log, threat intelligence, contextual and binary data is overwhelming and highly variable. So, imagine getting visibility through a visual display of security relevant events to watch for threats and monitors key security metrics.

There’s no getting around it – Big Data will continue to grow. Forget about terabytes and start thinking petabytes and zettabytes and imagine the positive impact that can be made to your business when you can actually visualize and understand it all.

We’re planning more detailed conversations around each of these use cases for making machine data accessible across your organization, so stay tuned. In the meantime, think about how you can use Big Data to improve your competitive advantage in the market.