Performance Analytics: ServiceNow’s digital transformation silver bullet?

Discover real-time insights from ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics for IT teams. Accelerate your team and your ServiceNow investment value.

Since the start of the pandemic, business expectations on the IT team have increased. The new age organization needs granular, actionable insights to keep up with the speed and volume of digital projects and IT incidents occurring across the organization. ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics supports timely and informed business decision-making, creating an agile proactive IT team.

Among its many benefits, it enables 360° visibility of the business performance against business objectives. Employing the ServiceNow Performance Analytics dashboard, you can forecast trends, prioritize resources, and line up services with overall business goals. Forrester’s report reveals that ServiceNow Performance Analytics has enabled organizations to save $2.5 million annually and brought an 80% reduction in SLA (Service-Level Agreement) breaches.

Unlike traditional analytics methods, it allows you to track application KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) over time periods, providing insight into how the organization is performing.

Let’s explore how ServiceNow Performance Analytics assists you to evaluate where you are on your path to performance analytics and how to leverage it to stay ahead.

Shift Gears with Windward and ServiceNow Performance Analytics

Windward supports implementing ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics to drive digital business transformation by empowering organizations to set, track and review operations against objectives every minute. It enables teams with the data they need and allows them to concentrate on fine-tuning their progress toward optimal efficiency. The use of performance analytics empowers organizations to:

  • Anticipate when the change is arriving and how to take full advantage of the opportunity
  • Prioritize every resource effectively so that it can be focused on high demand areas
  • Validate the decisions made and how it impacts the current process performance
  • Identify errors prior so that they can be addressed beforehand
  • Gain daily trends and real-time actionable insights
  • Address and eliminate inefficiencies and bottlenecks
  • Continually improve processes and services

What team wouldn’t want to latch on to these positive outcomes? Harnessing the power of ServiceNow’s Performance Analytics is one thing, but getting the most out of the platform is where you will find your greatest investment value. That’s where partnering with an expert in your industry can help you maximize your ServiceNow solution. We are deep-knowledge experts that provide guidance as well as strategic, process-driven implementations, so you know what to prioritize when. Get the full benefits of the Now platform with Windward.

ServiceNow Performance Analytics Best Practices You Need To Know

It is important to ensure you’re adapting the performance analytics with a clear plan and set of goals to Implement ServiceNow Performance Analytics. These best practices will ensure you achieve ideal outcomes with performance analytics across your organization.

Plan and Prepare – Determine the expected outcomes of performance analytics by communicating to key stakeholders. High priority issues to consider include: What questions should performance analytics answer? What conclusion will be made based on the data? What actions, and by whom, should be taken as an outcome of performance analytics?

For a tool to help you plan and prepare your Performance Analytics solution, see Design your Performance Analytics solution with KPI Composer.

Focus on Data Quality – Ensure that answers to your questions can be addressed in your source data. Ideally, you will find multiple high-quality data sources for embedded analytics to draw upon.

Define Visualizations Based on the Requirements of Key Stakeholders – Review the questions specified in the plan step, and identify the decision-makers for each question.

Regulate and Review – Reporting on performance analytics for key stakeholders is an ongoing process. It takes time to get it right, and analytics will evolve as your organization’s business goals change.

Advocate and Amplify – Circulate the performance analytics result with management and business units that haven’t implemented it. Comprehensive case studies demonstrate how performance analytics deliver tangible business benefits.

Performance Analytics Data Flow

Prior to getting started with ServiceNow Performance Analytics, you need to examine how the data flows through the platform that results in your ability to visualize process improvements.

ServiceNow Performance Analytics Use Cases: Click here

ServiceNow Performance Analytics – how it’s advancing operational efficiency one metric at a time

With ServiceNow Performance Analytics, you’re no longer left using data insights from a month ago. Real-time native analytics provides insight for your now scenarios – speeding your time to respond and empowering positive decision-making. Have a look at the main features and benefits:

Truly Advanced Analytics – Embedded dashboards and KPIs within existing forms bring solutions, enhance decision-making, and provide the full picture by combining in-platform results with Excel worksheets or JDBC data sources.

Continual Improvement Service – Every organization can consistently improve services by acting on KPIs by using Forecast, Analytics Hub, Time Charts, Dashboards, and Breakdowns.

Easy As Plug and Play – ServiceNow Performance Analytics is very simple to use as a plug-and-play solution with Dashboards, KPIs, and Analytics integrated with ServiceNow applications.

Attractive, Responsive, and Interactive Dashboards – ServiceNow Performance Analytics dashboard enables a graphical view of the trends that support employees to make speedy, informed decisions. These dashboards are customizable and provide a clear idea of the business processes. Even better, these dashboards can be shared across the organization, providing a single source of visibility.

Spotlight & Automatic Alerts – You can rank tasks or records based on business requirements. IT teams can focus on what they should prioritize, and get automatic alerts about anomalies that can impact service delivery.

Real-Time Visibility – Organizations can monitor current and existing performance, address areas of improvement and identify bottlenecks if any before they occur.

Security and Scale – Adapt easily while data stays secure, scales automatically, and permissions apply across your current, existing, and upcoming platform that needs to be integrated.

Need To Propel Your Operational Efficiency?

Spot the most comprehensive approach to implementing and adapting the ServiceNow Performance Analytics Platform with Windward domain experts to get full visibility of your business performance against your business objectives and any other specific requirements you may have.

From our proven ServiceNow Performance Analytics Framework, you can see for yourself how we support you to leverage the greatest possible value out of your ServiceNow investment. Maximize your ServiceNow investment by partnering with experts in your industry who understand what to prioritize when.

Accelerate your time to value with ServiceNow and Windward.

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