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Service-Centric IT in a Cloud World

Published Aug. 10, 2011
Written by Sean McDermott

Paper Clouds

Bernard Golden of HyperStratus posted an interesting article,How Cloud Computing Will Change IT: 6 New Predictions, in CIO Magazine online a few days ago making that case that cloud is the end-all be-all for IT. While there are many areas that you could debate him on, he does make a few good points on the impact of cloud on CIOs and their organizations. This includes:

“IT will achieve it’s long-voiced goal of being a partner of the business units rather than a denigrated after thought.”

With regards to Service-Centric IT this could not be more true. And this is exactly what CIOs should be striving for, else IT will become relegated as too expensive and too bureaucratic- making way for business units to procure IT services through external vendors and via the Cloud. How does one become more Service-Centric? The first step is to understand clearly the services that you offer to your end-users, with heavy influence from those end-users. As Bob points out, “Smart CIOs will come to recognize their role is managing infrastructure, not owning assets.” Once CIOs clearly understand the business needs, they can more clearly understand how to deliver these services and the optimum infrastructure to deliver them.