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What's Keeping the Government Up at Night?

Published Feb. 15, 2012
Written by Sean McDermott

Information technology concept in tag cloud on white background

Recently at a local event, AFCEA DC took a poll and asked one questions, “Which area of emerging tech below will be more important to your Department, Command, Service, or Agency?” Clickherefor the results. While not scientific, there is some interesting information to be gleaned. This survey included 2,845 votes.

Of the Top 10 of ideas voted here’s how they ranked (based on number of Top 10 positions):

  • Mobile (4)
  • Cloud (3)
  • CyberSecurity (2)
  • Collaboration (1)

Slicing it another way, looking at each of the Top 10 from a function area yields interesting results:

  • Security related (5)
  • Management (3)
  • Data Integration (2)

Like any poll, data is open to interpretation. However, mobile is clearly on the minds of Government executives, and how to secure and manage them. I believe similarly that Government executives are intrigued by the promise of Cloud, but still are wresting with security, management, and data integrity questions. Clearly industry is not doing enough to answer these questions, as this data is very similar to comments I heard from the Government Information Technology Executive Counsel (GITEC) Summit in 2010. Expect to see collaboration move up in the polls over the next 12-24 months as more companies and Government agencies get more “social.”