Case Study

Laying the Groundwork for a Successful Splunk Roadmap.

Windward helped a finance and banking client consolidate their CMDB and prepare their team for cloud migration.
Windward Abstract

Our client, a government banking and finance organization, wanted to move their existing applications to Splunk Cloud. Windward provided resources to their Event Management Solutions (EMS) team to assist with exploring:

  • Operational process improvements
  • Standardization
  • Effective utilization of tools and capabilities to meet the needs of operational teams

Part of this roadmap is leveraging the Splunk platform for log monitoring and increased Root Cause Analysis capabilities.

To support continuing Splunk development, roll-out and configuration efforts, the Windward project team provides development, deployment, testing for enhancements and onboarding of data into the Splunk environment.

The EMS team needed support and guidance in best practices to achieve desired outcomes. Windward provided a Splunk Architect/Subject Matter Expert (SME) to lead the analysis design, development, integration and Deployment of Splunk enhancements for the Event Management team.

The Splunk Architect helped support the migration and ensure operational plans moved smoothly, providing technical expertise to help drive the adoption of Splunk with stakeholders of the Event Management team.

Windward upgraded over 500 servers before moving over to the Splunk Cloud, as well as more than 45 applications.

Outcomes & Values

The Splunk Architect advised and executed Splunk Ownership transition from Internal Security Team to the Event Management Team by:

  • Reviewing candidates for Team growth
  • Onboarding Team Members
  • Collaborating with internal Splunk Team and Splunk Professional Services

These efforts helped the organization migrate the current Splunk On-Premise environment to Splunk Cloud. The Windward resource is a Senior Team member and Architect for the Client Splunk Environment; while still being an advisor to Client’s Management concerning Splunk Environment.

One of the best achievements of this project?

Upgrading over 500 servers before moving over to the Splunk Cloud. Over 45 applications pertaining to Splunk were upgraded in preparation for the cloud migration.

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