Case Study

MoogSoft AIOps solution to manage global retail store networks

In about 60 days, the client needed systems integrated, set up, and team members fully trained. Windward stepped up to the plate to provide support and design expertise for a smooth transition.
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The Situation

A multi-billion dollar global sports equipment and athletic apparel brand was looking for AIOps solutions tools to manage their network of retail stores all over the world.

They wanted Moogsoft deployed to integrate with their internal ServiceNow ticketing, AppDynamics, Logic Monitor, Infoblox, EMC Vmax, Cisco Meraki, and AWS Cloud Watch software.

A unique aspect of this project was being part of enabling a “changing of the guard” as the company prepared for an outsourcing of IT operations. Working on a time table of about 60 days, the company needed to have the systems integrated, set up and the contractor’s team members fully trained on these systems. Windward stepped up to the plate to provide support and design expertise for a smooth transition.

The Outcomes, Values and Recommendations

The final solution:

  1. The company’s platform went live successfully on time.
  2. All tools were integrated including ServiceNow ticketing, enrichment, AppDynamics, and LogicMonitor.
  3. We assisted their team in training the internal teams to use MoogSoft.
  4. MoogSoft SaaS cloud was deployed and the integrations, data stores and UI were completely scaled based on event ingestion rates.

The company reduced cost on operators and maintenance costs on redundant software. By integrating all monitoring software to MoogSoft, AIOps and ServiceNow to make the platform easy to manage.

Windward stepped up to the plate to provide support and design expertise for a smooth transition - set up, integration and training - in just 60 days.

The Approach

From the project’s beginning, Windward worked with the various owners of the underlying tools to get alerts set up for their integra- tion in Moogsoft, then integrate those alerts with ServiceNow.

The ServiceNow environment was previously customized and ServiceNow ticketing and CMDB enrichment needed to be aligned. Windward worked with their parameters and aligned MoogSoft to provide a seamless integration with ServiceNow.

The team at Windward completed customizations for AppDynamics and enrichment. Some challengesto this task included clearing issues from AppDynamics alerts. AppDynamics Alert structures were different from MoogSoft. Winward restructured any alerts coming from AppDynamics to be discoverable by Moogsoft.

One area to adjust was the Logic Monitor platform. The existing team at the company was unfamiliar with the product and the designated support team had recently left the company. Windward evaluated and provided requisite changes to LogicMonitor to ensure a seamless integration.

Additionally, Windward’s team worked closely with the contractor team to train, educate, document, and run user acceptance testing (UAT). This part of the transition period went smoothly due to the Windward team’s dedication and time management. Windward spent a significant amount of time designing the algorithms to consolidate and cluster all of these alerts and workflows in order to reduce the number of incidents and events.

All integrations, enrichments, alerts situations and HA were tested and validated. These test cases and their results were repeated to ensure validation was operational from the end-user perspective.

All these teams are currently using Moogsoft as Network Monitoring Center:

  • Command Center
  • Leads
  • Team Members
  • Moogsoft SME’s.
  • Moogsoft Project team
  • SNOW Admin’s
  • Infrastructure engineers
  • Moogsoft SaaS Cloud Team

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