Case Study

Replacing legacy AIOps suite tools with a streamlined AIOps platform

A regional healthcare company with over 350 locations, 24,000 employees, and more than 7 million customers was under pressure to replace their aging suite of tools. They wanted to implement Moogsoft Enterprise, a standard Highly Available AIOps platform in Moogsoft’s AWS SaaS environment. Under tight time and budget constraints, Windward was engaged by Moogsoft to provide implementation and configuration guidance for over a dozen data sources. Moogsoft was doubtful the project could be completed in the client’s timeframe, but the deadline was tied to funding and nonnegotiable.
Windward Data
  • Two functional operational environments (PROD and UAT) of Moogsoft Enterprise
  • Thirteen data sources onboarded via UI Integrations and on-prem LAMs (via Websockets)
  • Two topologies created, one imported & updated from a third party tool (NetBrain), and the other, a dynamically changing opology for the client’s VMware infrastructure
  • A remote broker (new for v8.0) installed on-prem which allowed for local data communication from VMware vCenter and Solarwinds
  • A websockets connection from their on-prem server to AIOps in the cloud to allow for three local LAMs – Syslog, SNMPTrap and TivoliEIM
  • Bi-directional communication with their ServiceNOW ITSM suite allowing for automatic creation and updating of Incident tickets
  • Bi-directional integration with xMatters to facilitate notifications

Windward provided constant advice to the customer and support to the partner. During implementation, our team discovered three bugs in the AIOps software – which Moogsoft addressed in updates. Working through those frustrations and challenges, the team delivered on the requirements within the scope and helped with additional tasks.

"Excellent and innovative. Windward’s team figured out issues and found manageable solutions..."

  • Helped the engineering team with configuring two email-based data feeds
  • Configured the TivoliEIF LAM, and Nagios Integration – both of which were optional and time- permitting
  • Client’s ITSM team had additional requirements with opening tickets. Further customization to the ServiceNOW MooBot was needed to populate the required data in the ticket
  • Moogsoft only offered a northbound xMatters integration. The return integration was home grown with help from the company’s engineers using the Moogsoft API
  • Topologies were also new and just re-introduced to Moogsoft AIOps. Both topologies were using bleeding edge technology with no previous instances deployed
  • Scripts were created to export and format topology data from NetBrain as well as to upload and update these topologies
  • The VMware topology was dynamically created and updated from events sent from vCenter
  • An additional capability was requested where the current topology around an ESX node needed to be captured BEFORE impending changes occurred
  • Referenced captured topologies in the
    corresponding situation with scripts and Moogsoft API
Outcomes, Values and Recommendations

The final solution: Deployed UAT and PROD environment for Moogsoft AIOps. Fully integrated thirteen data sources, including required customizations and out-of-box thinking.

We completed this project successfully within time and budget constraints. The company deployed a complex architecture with many data sources, and saw a cost savings from sunsetting their legacy tools. Windward received a direct contract after project completion – a strong sign of customer satisfaction with this partner-lead engagement.

“I know we had a very tight timeline and some complicated integrations. The Windward team met every expectation and more […] We were fortunate they were available. Excellent and innovative. Windward’s team figured out issues and found manageable solutions. They provided amazing tutoring, guidance and operational insight with a new offering here at our company.”

—Client Manager ITS Data Center, Operations Management

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