2020 Economic Impact Study

What will this period of dramatic change mean for the future of IT? Find out in this exclusive research from Windward Consulting Group
Windward 2020 Economic Study

This study from Windward and Helix Market Research tracked how COVID-19 impacted short-term and near-term IT goals, budgets, priorities, and revenue projections for Information Technology leaders who currently work at a Fortune 1000 company in the United States.

85% of Fortune 1000 IT teams have eliminated new spending during the most rapid acceleration of digital transformation in our history

COVID-19 has had a substantial impact on the Information Technology sector as companies rushed to create safe remote working environments for their teams, vendors and partners. This put a fire under IT teams to deliver always-on service availability that relied on home-based internet access and full deployment of technologies like Zoom, Teams and Google Meet in record time.

As we would expect IT teams around the world rose to the challenge and proved that they can build and deploy far faster than any company would have realistically planned for. This market research study highlights how IT teams responded, where they shifted their priorities for 2020, what their expectations are for revenue impact and what they need their vendors to help them with.

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This was a quantitative survey that featured 7 core questions about the response to COVID-19 where IT leaders self-reported. Survey respondents received outreach via LinkedIn and email with requests to participate in the survey. They were qualified to participate based upon their match to a Fortune 1000 company, being in Information Technology and the target role and title.

Helix Market Research

Helix Market Research is a privately commissioned research firm specializing in research-driven market strategy. Our clients trust us to capture the attention of hard-to-reach B2B buyers and provide deep levels of intelligence on where their market is heading and how their buyers are responding.

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