ServiceNow 2021 Adoption Study

Moving from IT Adoption to Enterprise Transformation

More than 200 IT leaders revealed their plans to leverage ServiceNow to streamline IT, improve CSX and EE, and transform the enterprise.

Are you prepared to keep up?

Many large organizations have already expanded ServiceNow beyond IT, but there is still room for growth, particularly in ITOM and CMDB automation and integration. Growing interest in ITBM and Performance Analytics shows the platform has garnered the attention of the C-Suite, who see the value of the data flowing through the system to provide greater business insights. Outside of IT, HR Service Delivery (HRSD) and Customer Service Management (CSM) are poised for explosive growth as organizations seek to deliver consumer-grade experiences through corporate digital interactions.


  • What are the biggest challenges?
  • How do your peers plan to overcome them?
  • Where is the biggest value to be found?


This report was written as a collaborative effort from Sean McDermott, a Successful Serial Entrepreneur and Innovator of Technology and Nichole Kelly, Principal and Lead Researcher of Helix Market Research.

The study was commissioned by Windward Consulting Group as a benchmarking survey to measure the relative maturity level of adoption of ServiceNow across the enterprise. The study also tracked how IT leaders were approaching short-term and near-term IT goals, budgets, priorities, and resourcing for ServiceNow Fortune 1000 companies in the United States. The survey launched in January, 2021 and ran for 45 days.

This was a quantitative survey that featured 10 core questions about current implementation of ServiceNow and projected plans where IT leaders self-reported. Survey respondents received outreach via LinkedIn and email with requests to participate in the survey. They were qualified to participate based upon their match to a Fortune 1000 company which uses ServiceNow, working in Information Technology, and the target role and title.

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