AIOps Strategy: Investing in AIOps

AIOps is an long-term stategy for increasing performance, predicting outages, automating mundanetasks, making reporting actionable, and improving risk management.

With Windward as your partner, you can turn your AIOps vision into reality by using a strategic investment plan to guide your way through the AIOPs Maturity Model.

Windward has over 20 years of proven experience across IT service management and IT operations management for hundreds of global clients and we are ready to take you to the next level.

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AIOps is artificial intelligence for IT Operations
This movement to AI has been coined ‘AIOps’ by Gartner and it refers to the use of artificial intelligence for IT Operations. However, machine learning is what is really driving investments today. Apparently Gartner didn’t think MLOps rolls off the tongue, so we’re left with AIOps, which ultimately is about bringing more Intelligent Operations into your organization through the use of machines.

Top uses for Machine Learning
Machine learning is playing a large role in risk management, performance analysis, reporting, trading, and automation. But wait, what does automation mean? That feels like a big bucket! Automation refers to the automation of mundane tasks that require human intervention. This includes the use of virtual assistants and chat bots. But it also includes the use of pattern recognition algorithms and distilling alerts into actionable intelligence.

According to recent EMA Radar Report statistics, uses for Machine Learning are increasing rapidly

  • 1/3 of IT leaders are planning to use ML for business analytics.
  • 25% of IT leaders plan to use ML for security purposes.
  • 16% of IT leaders want to use ML in sales and marketing.

The EMA Radar Report also lists the top 3 use cases of Machine Learning and AIOps.

  • Incident, performance, and availability management.
  • Change impact and capacity optimization.
  • Business impact and IT-to-business alignment.
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AIOps Requires a Thoughtful Investment Strategy Combined with an Executable Plan

At Windward we believe AIOps is a strategy, not a tool, not an algorithm. This requires deep thinking and understanding of the role that machine learning can play in your organization, a prioritization of initiatives that add early business value, focused investment over time, and an emphasis on hiring talent with machine learning skills. Every great strategy requires a plan so teams know what to execute when. Machine learning can turn into “shiny objects syndrome” if there is no plan in place.

The EMA Radar Report also listed the top ten automation priorities among the AIOps vendors presented, generally done through a mix of both native capabilities and integrations, were:

  • Alert-driven notification (94%)
  • Automation in support of incident team communication (94%)
  • Workflow within and across IT (94%)
  • Automated event remediation (88%)
  • Automated trouble ticketing (88%)
  • Run book or IT process automation (88%)
  • Automated remediation and proactive service resolution (88%)
  • Core service desk workflows (76%)
  • Core configuration tools (such as Puppet, Chef, and Ansible) (76%)
  • Automation in support of application discovery and dependency mapping (76%)

How Windward Approaches Your AIOPs Investment Plan

  • Step 1 - We evaluate where you stand on our AIOps Maturity Model
  • Step 2 - We conduct a tools and capabilities review to see what assets you have available
  • Step 3 - We identify use cases and best practices within your organization
  • Step 4 - We develop a roadmap for investment over a 3 year period
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