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Deliver Business Value Through Automation

Today's CIO's recognize that no organization can afford to sit still while change is transformaing businesses at unprecedented rates. With an increased reliance on IT to create a competitive advantage, corporations are in need of automation tools to help them deal with conflicting business drivers.

With Windward as your Partner, you can achieve results similar to our other clients.

IT Service Provisioning- Synchronize process and technology packages to provision IT infrastructure elements quickly and accurately with no impact to the existing infrastructure.

Strategic and Tactical Process Alignment - Design and build processes that support both strategic and tactical organizational needs and that align with globally accepted best practices.

Dynamic Capacity and Demand Management - Optimize the real-time measurement of capacity and ensure that IT infrastructure can rapidly respond to changing client needs.

Run Book Automation - Provide the ability to define, build, orchestrate, manage, and report on automated workflows that support standard IT infrastructure operational processes and procedures.

Software Configuration Management - Track and visualize the attributes of software configuration items within the global IT infrastructure.

Windward understands that IT process automation and orchestration provide organizations the ability to integrate disparate tools and processes across their environment to deliver dependency-based workflow-oriented tasks and functions that would otherwise be completed manually by IT operations staff and administrators. A pioneer in run book automation, Windward has worked with over 300 global clients to drive direct results to drive efficiency and reduce costs.