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Focus On Always-On Service Availability

The cost of IT downtime is extremely high for any business. CIOs understand how to plan latency and availability strategies on tight budgets, but their overall businesses and business stakeholders demand high availability for all of their systems at all times.

With Windward as your Partner, you can achieve results similar to our other clients.

Fault and Event Management - Implement display filtering and advanced correlation of IT events (element errors) to maintain a functioning IT infrastructure.

Dynamic Capacity and Demand Management - Enable IT infrastructure to adapt and support evolving client needs.

Incident and Problem Management - Record, monitor, and support help desk resolution of IT infrastructure events that could impact services as well as create a database of “known problems” for faster resolution of future events.

Software Evaluation and Consolidation - Optimize the functionality of EMS software to reduce costs of overlapping software tools and reduce administration.

EMS Architecture Design and Implementation - Define comprehensive requirements to architect and deploy a fully integrated multi-vendor EMS that meets business and mission needs.

Operations Center Command and Control - Provide visualization of real-time status of services and elements within the IT environment.

Windward was founded to address the daunting challenges faced by IT and network organizations to address the gap between strategic planning and the technical implementations of EMS solutions. For 20 years we have been helping senior IT Leaders accelerate and optimize their management and monitoring systems, moving them up the operational maturity scale. Windward has worked with over 300 global clients to drive direct results by driving efficiency and reducing costs.