Customer Experience

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Become Customer Centric

Customer and End-User experience is the new focus of high-performance IT organizations. Modern CIOs know that delighting customers and users, within a reasonable budget, is ultimately the objective.

With Windward as your Partner, you can achieve results similar to our other clients.

Deploying Customer Experience Management (CEM) platforms - Gather user experience data, use analytics to interpret data, and provide contextual information to create actionable changes in behavior, resulting in increased satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

Robust Service Desk solutions - Allow customer care and operations organizations to access customer and end-user information at their finger tips and allow meaningful engagement for issues and questions, reduce call handing times and mean time to repair by over 75%.

Automated build and deploy of new services - Deliver capabilities faster to end-users, whether it laptop and desktop provisioning, or delivery of private and public Cloud infrastructure to support DevOps in real-time, cutting down provisioning times by up to 90%.

Self-service portals - Allow customers and end-users to order, track, and manage new and existing services, while streamlining costly back-end processes, thus saving IT organizations millions of dollars in efficiencies.

Service Quality Management (SQM) - Focused on users and applications, not infrastructure, by enhancing monitoring tools to eliminate major outages and correlate anomalies directly to customer facing services.

Windward has 20 years of proven experience helping Senior IT Leaders build customer centric organizations. Becoming customer and service centric is not an easy task. Along with leadership and vision, transforming a traditional IT organization takes organization and behavior change, tools and technology, and process modifications. Windward has worked with over 300 global clients to drive direct results to increase the customer experience, drive efficiency and reduce costs.

“[Windward was] able to quickly come on board and deliver the results we were looking for.” - Major Healthcare Provider