IT Innovation: From Cost Center to Value Driver

IT leaders must help executives see IT innovation as a mission-critical value-driver instead of a cost center that hinders that ability to garner needed resources.

There are multiple reasons why companies place an emphasis on innovation. It enables organizations to stay highly competitive in the relevant market. It also plays a vital role in changing and improving a business’s existing operations.

In a highly dynamic and evolving digital world, departments in organizations need innovation that provides them opportunities to deliver business value. But many businesses perceive the IT department as a cost center rather than a value driver.

It might be difficult to visualize the real value of IT innovation. But creating predictive, productive, and precise shifts in your current processes can align IT with the business goals.

Let’s get a bird’s eye view of how and why CIOs and IT directors should position their IT team as an innovation center that can flip the narrative and help other executives see IT’s potential as a value driver.

4 Ways IT Innovation Can Make your IT Department a More Obvious Asset

Most companies believe digital transformation is the way to stay relevant in today’s economy. With technological advances disrupting all industries, CIOs must evolve to stay ahead of the curve.

Digital modernization makes it easier to grow more, regardless of the size of the business. Businesses that develop are able to scale and add more value to the business and turn the IT department into an obvious company asset.

Make Your Business Efficient

IT service innovation happens by making existing IT operations less costly, less time-consuming, and more sustainable. Those modernizations save time, cost and make it better for an organization to adapt to industry shifts with agility, which cushions against volatility and risk.

Help Achieve Zero Maintenance

IT technology innovations make maintenance costs more predictable and easier to measure and manage. The smartest IT departments have zeroed in on maintenance costs as the way to both bring more value and change perception.

Promote Controlling Costs

Creating IT innovation reduces the cost of IT operations. Naturally, cost reduction is a critically important organizational goal which means each positive leap forward that’s associated with IT operations usually equates to lowering costs.

IT Technology Advances Are Driving Digital Transformation Effectively in 2021

Digital transformation is not only about embracing upcoming technologies, it is about a switch in perception towards innovation as a value driver. There is a need for industries/companies to address the transformation in a business framework, dynamic business demands, and innovate ways to rapidly cater to these changing needs.

More importantly, technological innovations lead to technology disruptions. They bring more value to the business, increase speed, lower effort and cost and deliver results more effectively (shameless plug, enterprise IT consulting really helps with all those things). The impact is felt not only in operations but also in industry structures and in all levels of the organization. CIOs and CTOs are coming forward to make sure that digital transformation coupled with innovation is driving business, bringing in productive changes, and delivering value.

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Automation: How IT Works?

Artificial Intelligence is not confined to the IT department. It is an umbrella phrase that embraces any type of software or hardware that supports machine learning and automation associated with business and operational goals. Automation equipped with intelligence revamps entire processes and workflows – learning and adapting as the operational context evolves and changes. With AI-driven automation, organizations can support higher efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Benefits Of AI-Driven Automation

  • Increase Operational Agility
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Intelligent Self Healing Capability
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Enable Cloud Scale Operations
  • Predict Outages

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Top 4 Challenges CIOs Might Face While Embracing IT Innovations

Importance of an Innovation Strategy

Persistent innovation enables the business to remain constantly proactive rather than reactive. An innovation strategy built around IT automation supports defining the direction of progression and the implementation of operations.

Without an innovation strategy in place, the company may be missing the mark, and a misalignment of your innovation efforts becomes a risk you are taking.

Collaboration Leads To Innovation

The most important aspect of innovation is collaboration – both internally and externally; this can all be put to use to drive a company’s transformation forward in the industry to stand out from the competition.

Lack of Diversity

Hiring for IT innovation and subsequently establishing diverse teams can provide initiatives with a wealth of ideas generated from different perspectives.

Customer Connections

Customer feedback is critically important. Customer empathy is vital for all businesses while reaching the goal to meet future trends. Stay on top of listening for customer feedback and you will find an organizational roadmap for problems that need to be solved next.

The right solution is highly dependent on your existing IT ecosystem.

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