Knowledge 2021: IT Workflows Keynote: Transforming delivery from traditional to digital native

During this keynote session, Pablo Stern, SVP Technology Workflow discussed how the NOW platform manages work across the software development lifecycle phases of plan, build, operate and service to help organizations digitally transform traditional planning and centralized IT Service and Operations to continuous, streamlined product delivery.

The session focused on explaining the Digital Enterprise Fabric. The session walked through a few simulated real-world scenarios to demonstrate how it can align teams to deliver innovation quickly, monitor the development pipeline to proactively resolve problems, predict issues with AI and automate resolutions.

Here are the key takeaways from this keynote session:

  • Digital transformation is accelerating. Business is moving from traditional on-premise to the cloud. IT teams are adopting DevOps and are moving from waterfall to continuous releases. The past year has only increased the pace of this change. IT teams that embrace it will be the heroes of digital transformation at their organization.
  • The cost of avoiding change is increasing. Each generation has different expectations for software delivery. Silos have kept tools and processes separate in the past. In order to avoid being overwhelmed, companies need a centralized digital command center, which the Digital Enterprise Fabric provides.
  • Things don’t always go as planned. From innovation to product launches, a more transparent, collaborative infrastructure enables companies to be agile enough to spot, diagnose and fix issues in minutes as a team, instead of in hours (or days).

The session also previewed features which are coming in the Rome release, like a DevOps configuration solution and the integration of Lightstep, ServiceNow’s recently-acquired observability platform. It also showed how AI can be leveraged to help pinpoint problems and speed up response.

This session made it clear that lots of exciting things are in store for IT operations management from a technology standpoint, like more mature use of automations and machine learning. But it will take sharp business acumen to develop the processes and workflows that utilize the technology to its fullest capacity.

If you’re ready to start getting more out of your ServiceNow investment, this might be the right time to schedule a conversation with one of our A-Team experts. Take what you’re learning during Knowledge, pair it with our proven service-centric IT processes, and see why our clients rave about their experience working with us.

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