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If you’re looking for expertise in providing IT solutions consulting, innovation, and thought leadership to the Government while maintaining vendor neutrality, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet Grady Tucker, a member of Windward’s A-Team.

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Grady is an expert in providing services and solutions to Government agencies. Grady finds effective solutions for IT leaders who are change agents faced with unique challenges. Grady’s is committed to finding the perfect blend to meet his clients expectations.

Windward Consulting has successfully partnered with defense and civilian Federal Government agencies for 20 years to provide government IT consulting and implement wide-ranging IT operations initiatives.

Windward provides government IT consulting solutions to help:

  • Modernize infrastructure and IT services, supporting both CIOs and CTOs with commercial best practices.
  • Optimize delivery of technology services, leveraging process methodologies such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®).
  • Maximize productivity and minimize operational waste, especially in the area of software license management.
  • Improve enterprise operations and collaboration.
  • Support information assurance.

Windward is a platform-agnostic and vendor-friendly partner that has superpowers in strategy and integration.

Windward is the A-Team the Fortune 1000 relies on when every decision counts.

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Grady Tucker | Federal Client Executive
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